Busy Month of Media for Heart of Steel

It has been an extremely busy month of media attention for Heart of Steel! Dozens of interviews on radio across the country from Boston, New York, Washington D.C. Knoxville, Maine to Idaho and Arizon and an appearance on CBS Channel 8 in San Diego. Listen to my radio interviews and watch me on Channel 8 by visiting my News page: http://heartofsteelbook.com/news.html

During this time Heart of Steel reached a new milestone by earning its first #1 Best Seller Badge on Amazon. Heart of Steel held Best Seller status in 6 different individual categories, but the #1 Best Seller status was the sweetest.

Heart of Steel is available on Amazon in paperback and eBook and also on Barnes & Noble as a paperback and even on Walmart as a paperback.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news.

"If you aren't happy with the way your life is going, write a new chapter. You hold the pen in your own hand and you are the author of your life's book." -- Kevin D. Miller


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