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Podcast Interview with Scott Fisher of

Monday, October 28, 2019 - Listen in to the Podcast with Scott Fisher of We talk about my book Heart of Steel and the research that went into the book, among other topics related to the story. Click the link below to begin listening:

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Interview with The New Rationalist Magazine

I interviewed with The New Rationalist Magazine regarding my book Heart of Steel and a little about myself as a new author. Read the article below:

Interview with Burton Cole of the Tribune Chronicle in Warren, Ohio

Pulitzer Prize nominated Journalist, Burton Cole conducted an interview with me, my father and brother regarding my new novel, Heart of Steel. Mr. Cole wrote a magnificent article that printed in the Sunday paper on October, 13, 2019.
To read the full article, click on the link below:

The Search for the Grave Site of George Puchalski

The Search for the Grave Site of George Puchalski
I had several goals for my recent trip to Warren and Southington, Ohio. One of these goals was to locate the grave site of my great grandfather, George Puchalski. Based on George's death certificate and a funeral listing in the Warren Chronicle in 1920, I was certain he was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Warren, Ohio. Now to find him.

I left my home base in North Canton and traveled forty or so miles to Warren along with my father and brother. We made our way along Market Street towards the cemetery, gazing at old buildings and old homes and wondering if my grandfather Stanley had seen these same buildings and homes when he escaped the orphanage on his way to freedom.

St. Mary's Cemetery is a small cemetery adjacent to two other cemeteries in the area. Oakwood Cemetery and Union Cemetery. We pulled into St. Mary's Cemetery with high hopes and nervous excitement, ready to locate our ancestor and document the find. All thr…


Book Cover
Author of Heart of Steel When I came face to face with the true identity of my family and the tormented past my grandfather never spoke about, it was a story that had to be written and shared.”
— Kevin Miller, author of Heart of Steel LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 7, 2019 / -- Modern science is uncovering life-altering secrets, throwing many families into turmoil; an Oregon doctor has just sued a fertility clinic there for more than 5 million dollars, after discovering through that sperm he donated in 1989 resulted in the births of at least 17 unknown children.

How would you feel if you learned through a home DNA test that your entire family history was wrong? Thanks to the relative ease of use of services like and, shocking revelations, hurt feelings and sometimes bitter lawsuits are becoming more and more frequent as people learn about the often hidden branches i…